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من المهم بالنسبة لنا التكيف مع متطلبات الحلال المتغيرة لتلبية احتياجات السياح المسلمين لدينا.

هي وجهة يُنظر إليها على أنها وجهة جذابة بشكل متزايد للمسافرين المسلمين – Kreis Residenz وفقًا لتقييم تصنيف ضيوفنا – بناءً على توافر مرافق الصلاة والخدمات والعروض الصديقة للمسلمين.

السياحة الحلال
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Halal tourism

It’s important for us to adapt to changing halal requirements to meet the needs of our Islamic tourists.

Kreis Residenz is a destination seen as increasingly attractive for Islamic travelers – as assessed by our guests ranking – based on the availability of prayer facilities, friendly services and offerings. You can also visit this restaurant guide for halal food in Munich.


The most popular mosque in the city is the mosque in the Sendling borough of Munich. There are also several other mosques located in Munich. Al Tadahamun masjid, Ahmed Camii Xani and Al Furkan masjid are a few of the mosques located in the neighborhood of Ludwigsvorstadt. Find help here.



For the benefit of Muslim travelers, halal eateries are listed here. (Nordsee is a seafood outlet also available at Viktualienmarkt). There are a couple more halal eateries if you care to google.


Airport Prayer Room

Munich Airport has officially opened a newly completed Muslim prayer room in Terminal 1.

Serving as a gateway to the Middle East is Module C in Terminal 1, where airlines such as Emirates, Etihad Airways, and Oman Air offer flights to major centers in the region.

In addition to signage in German, English, and Arabic, the food services in the departure area feature halal menu selections. The prayer room now completes the facilities.

Source: Halal focus.


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